IIS SSL/TLS Certificate Setup – Internal MS CA

Simplistic, works for me when adding a certificate for WSUS.

Create Certificate Request:

From the IIS server needing the new certificate, open IIS Manager:

- In the left window pane, select the server.
- In the center window pane, select "Server Certificates".
- In the right window pane, select "Create Domain Certificate Request".
- Enter the information in the pop up window.
- Cryptographic Service Provider:
	"Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider"
- Bit Length:

This should submit a request to the domain CA and automatically return a certificate. This will of course depend on how your CA is setup for approving similar requests.

Bind to the new certificate to the web site:

- In the left window pane, select the web site 
	Possibly "Default Web Site", or maybe not.
- In the right window pane, select "Bindingsā€¦".
- In the "Site Bindings:" pop up, choose add or edit.  I'm doing edit here.
- Select "HTTPS" and click the "Edit" button.
- Select the new certificate.
- In the right window pane, restart the service.

The new certificate expiration date can be viewed in “Server Certificates” (see step one above) .