For a number of years I have typed up notes, knowing that I would need them at some point in the future.  They have been moved between various forms, .txt, Evernote, OneNote, and a few others.  Time to move them to the web.  Maybe they will be useful to other folks.  Of course, if I don’t clean them up as I add them here, nobody, including me, will be able to decipher them.  This might take some time.

These posts, for the most part, are just notes. I am not intending them to be a fully descriptive educational resource. They are just a way to get me in the ballpark. From here, man pages, Get-Help, and search engines, if needed, are consulted. In some cases there are better ways of going about doing things. Such is the life of a busy multi-platform generalist.

Sorry, mostly boring computer command line stuff.  If you came here looking for cat food recommendations, you are in the wrong place.